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“The guitars burst with exceptional chord progressions, riffs, jaw-dropping virtuosities, melodies, harmonies, accentuations, and licks, while the rhythm section provides heaviness, density, and power through equally mind-blowing low-end tones and rhythmic acrobatics… Shines with many qualities renowned names like NoMeansNo, Fugazi, Minutemen, Melvins, and many others brought decades before, but Love Ethic uplifted all these music styles on an entirely new and unique level.” — Thoughts Words Action

“Love Ethic are a post-hardcore powerhouse . . . Shows off the post-hardcore fury and artistic expression of classic Fugazi combined with the wry sardonic honesty of Devo. . .” — New Noise Magazine

“There’s a definitive 90s indie-punk vein running through their songs (think ShellacGirls Against Boys) but it’s swirled up in classic pop hooks and propulsive modern production and musicianship.” — Spill Magazine


Spring is in the air, and so is new music from Pittsburgh, PA Punk Deco progenitors LOVE ETHIC. The band consistently delivers their own sound that is at once poetic, brutalizing, non-sequitur, melodic, full of finesse, and above all else catchy as hell, cunningly recalling their predecessors (e.g. Minutemen, Nomeansno, The Birthday Party, Fugazi, Melvins, etc.) while vitally contributing to the musical conversation in ways that set them far apart from the modern pack of punk and alt. rock reenactors.

For the last two years, LOVE ETHIC has been demonstrating their independence as an asset, taking bigger and bigger bites out of new markets and endeavors. The band has continued to command attention with their unrelenting live shows, performing alongside a variety of established groups including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jon Spencer + The Hitmakers, Ed fROMOHIO (of fIREHOSE), Sponge, Prize Horse, The Schizophonics, and Beechwood. This Spring on their Smart Mouths/Insolent Minds Tour, LOVE ETHIC will bring with them a variety of art and merchandise to accompany their musical works, including fresh prints of The Icebreaker collage and philosophy missives.

LOVE ETHIC is releasing two new singles April 2024 on savory orange-colored 7” vinyl + digital streaming via their own Pre-Socratic Records imprint, continuing the fruitful production partnership with engineer/producer Mario Quintero of Spotlights (Ipecac) notoriety and mastered by Seth Manchester of Machines with Magnets studio (METZ/IDLES, Mdou Moctar, Full of Hell). These songs anticipate additional plans for recordings of brand new, cohesively eclectic material as the band continues to expand into the modern musical landscape, claiming new devotees with each offering.


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