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“There’s a definitive 90s indie-punk vein running through their songs (think ShellacGirls Against Boys) but it’s swirled up in classic pop hooks and propulsive modern production and musicianship.” — Spill Magazine

“The guitars burst with exceptional chord progressions, riffs, jaw-dropping virtuosities, melodies, harmonies, accentuations, and licks, while the rhythm section provides heaviness, density, and power through equally mind-blowing low-end tones and rhythmic acrobatics… Shines with many qualities renowned names like NoMeansNo, Fugazi, Minutemen, Melvins, and many others brought decades before, but Love Ethic uplifted all these music styles on an entirely new and unique level.” — Thoughts Words Action


The influence of punk history on LOVE ETHIC’s music is no secret. The band wields angular texture, guitar eruptions, non-sequitur genre-bending, and an arresting holler from frontman/guitarist The Inevitable Mr. Chris that would fit seamlessly next to their predecessors (e.g. Minutemen, Nomeansno, The Birthday Party, Fugazi, Melvins, etc.)

The ferocity, however, is punctuated by exhalations of pop sensibility, delta moans, and a crooning allure that have attracted a broad mix of listeners to this dynamic music.

The band revived its musical enterprise just over a year ago in its birthplace of Pittsburgh, PA with a young, hungry rhythm section comprised of Anthony Capozzi’s searing drum battery and complex counterpoints provided by bass virtuoso Ethan Zajac-Woodie. Since then, they have quickly garnered glowing attention performing alongside a variety of established groups including Jon Spencer + The Hitmakers, Ed fROMOHIO (of fIREHOSE), Sponge, The Schizophonics, and Beechwood.

LOVE ETHIC has recently completed a reworked album of their early oeuvre engineered/produced by Spotlights (Ipecac) helmsman extraordinaire Mario Quintero and mastered by Seth Manchester of Machines with Magnets studio (METZ/IDLES, Mdou Moctar, Full of Hell), intent on expanding their territory in audiences’ hearts and record collections both domestically and abroad.


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